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Stop, don’t question & frisk #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen tag on twitter. You won’t regret it.

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen thanks to @Karnythia


Al-Jazeera Stream is one of the few mainstream media outlets reporting on this amazing hashtag. It’s brilliant to hear and see so many voices that are often silenced and made invisible.

I have one hour left as a teenager

I’m eating baked cheetos and filling out applications. 

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A haiku about buying college textbooks.

What the fuck textbooks
You’re made of paper and ink
Not fucking diamonds. 

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A Letter to My Friends

Dear Friend,

Somewhere in my two decades of being, you’ve made a difference in my life, touched my heart, helped me grow and inspired me to become a better person. We might have just met this past year or I might have spent my entire life knowing you. We might speak to each other every day or we might not have had a conversation in years. Your impact on who I am today is important regardless of our first and last encounter. I’ve realized so much in this past year. I discovered how important it is to give and receive affirmations from the people who care about us. Your good actions may go seemingly unnoticed or underappreciated, but I want you to know that they are not lost on me. I am forever grateful to have met you. The odds that you and I would meet were practically zero, but we did. You are a miracle. I know some of you might not believe in a higher power, but I truly believe that God has blessed each and everyone of you. You were placed into my life for a reason. I believe that. You encouraged me when I thought no one could care less. You gave me a newfound hope in humanity when the world started to look dark. You were the friend that showed me the meaning of love. You are a beautiful human being who has inspired me to serve others. Thank you for that.

You deserve so much more than these typed of words of gratitude. I really wish I could handwrite this letter to make this more heartfelt, but there are just too many of you wonderful people for that to be remotely possible. I would be writing forever. The fact that this world is filled with fierce, beautiful, and strong human beings amazes me daily. You make this world a better place for others. Someone wise once told me to hold on to the positive, to keep the good memories and save them for the tough moments in our lives. I encourage you to do that if you’re ever feeling down. Keep every letter of affirmation, every email of encouragement, every gift that makes you smile, every quote that inspires you. Save those words for when you need them the most. Don’t give up because you’re destined for greatness. I hope you read this letter on a bad day. I hope you read it on a good day. I hope it makes you smile because the world deserves more of your smile. Don’t ever get the feeling that you, yourself, don’t have a friend in the world, because you do. You are a miracle. You deserve to be here. You are worthy of love and friendship.

Dear friend, I know this entire letter might just be a bunch of cheesy, clichéd lines and bad grammar, but I mean every word. Maybe I’m taking that Les Miserables quote way too seriously, but if  loving another person is seeing the face of God, then I see God everyday in you. This isn’t just the New Year Resolution phenomenon talking. I would not be the me I am today without having met you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being you.

Always and Forever,


“Let’s teach our daughters to celebrate other women’s strength, success and happiness. Let’s not limit their options. Let’s teach them that when they make decisions in their lives, to make them based on what’s right for them. Our dreams should never be hampered by fear of what others may think.” -Tracey Stewart
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